Religious Jewelry – Fashion and Faith Go Hand in Hand

by admin on June 30, 2010

Ancient Egyptians wore their religious symbols as jewelry. The ankh and the scarab as well as the snake and the symbol of the eye were all worn as religious jewelry. Each symbol held a specific meaning in their belief system or provided some form of protection for the wearer. From then on, religions across the globe have adopted certain symbols they like to wear as jewelry.

* Kinds Of Jewelry

Easily the most recognizable symbol of all the religions is the cross. This is the ultimate symbol of Christianity, the obvious significance being that Jesus died on the cross for their sins. Because of this, cross charms are a popular way to exhibit their faith and gratitude.

Another popular Christian symbol is the fish. This symbol dates back to the first century and became a way of identifying other Christians, particularly when they were being persecuted. But it was dangerous to speak openly about their faith. Back then, they would draw the fish symbol in the dirt to let others know. Today, Christians proudly wear their fish religious jewelry to let everyone know their faith.

Other popular Christian ornament items are the praying hands pendant, Saints medallions and the dove of peace charm. Any of these worn in gold or silver makes a great gift for a baptism, christening or confirmation.

Another well-known symbol is the Star of David. This is the equivalent of the cross for the Jewish faith. This star is a six-pointed hexagram that was supposedly emblazoned on King David’s shield or his shield held that shape. Either way, it is a very important symbol in Judaism and Star of David jewelry is a common gift to teens when they transition to adulthood.

Another common symbol found in Jewish jewelry is the mezuzah. Commonly worn as a pendant, a mezuzah is a cylindrical object that is used to hold special words and scriptures on parchment scrolls. These make beautiful pendants or even a charm for a bracelet. The Chai symbol is another popular charm for necklaces and bracelets. It is the Hebrew word for “living”.

* Why Wear These Symbols?

There are about as many reasons why someone wears religious jewelry as there are types of jewelry. First of all, it is a statement of faith. Wearing Christian, Jewish jewelry or any other religious item is a way to acknowledge and let others know what the wearer believes in. Aside from just displaying faith, some pieces are worn for protection.

There are many Saints who supposedly look over the person who wears a medallion with their image. The cross has long been seen as a weapon against evil (think vampires!).

However, it does not always mean a belief in something. There have been times where it has been trendy to be seen wearing a large ornate cross on a long chain. If Hollywood is wearing it, fashion jewelers get affordable pieces out to the public so they can emulate them. Whatever reason, these pieces speak volumes about faith and fashion.

Religious jewelry is the perfect way to emulate and acknowledge any faith. They also make for a great fashion trend and can also be a perfect gifting option for youngsters as well as adults. Select from an array of fancy religious jewelry here

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