Religious Themed Jewelry Items make Excellent Presents for a Catholic Confirmation

by admin on December 23, 2010

For special events among Catholics—such as Christenings, First Communions, and Confirmations—jewelry with a religious theme is always a popular choice. Baptisms and christenings can provide a great approach in having your little girl’s ears pierced and the perfect opportunity for coinciding religious jewelry. For Catholic youth, First Communion is an important stage in development. The rite of confirmation establishes the youngster’s position in the church. This is a vital part of a young Catholic’s journey to becoming an adult, too. Gifts commemorating Confirmation are very important as they serve a constant reminder to the youth about their promise to serve the Church.

Religious jewelry

Sterling Silver Cross Key Chain

Of the various Catholic icons available as jewelry, one of the most recognizable is the crucifix. Powerful and significant, this is a timeless representative of the Christian faith. Whether you’re purchasing a confirmation gift for a special child, or some other gift commemorating a special occasion, you’re sure to find a design that will fit the bill.

A crucifix can be as simple as a thin, gold-plated cross, and makes a tasteful statement when worn as a pendant about the neck. While these gift ideas are simple, they are perfect for the occasion and also please the receiver for the thoughtful and memorable gift. Of course, a more elaborate design with fine detailing will be a more costly choice than a simple item. If cost is not an object, the beautiful craftsmanship in the intricate design of the hand-sculpted cross pendant will give you years of pleasure. This is definitely worth whatever it costs.

Religious jewelry

Sterling Silver Sacred Heart Rosary Center

Other attractive designs in the Catholic jewelry collection exist along with the cross. Although less noticeable as spiritual icons in comparison to the cross, you can find other jewelry with a religious theme; such as a gold square designed with portraits of Jesus or Mother Mary. However, all of these pendant necklaces provide an element of classic sophistication. Eye-catching pendants with birth stones or other rare gems capture the unique personality of each person, and would make a great confirmation gift for your favorite candidate.

Including the eye-catching necklaces and pendants, the attractive Patron Saint medals serve well as gifts, also. Medals like these usually show the Saint performing the work he or she is famous for and are generally made of sterling silver.

Jewelry items like these are usually for sale at Christian bookstores, and other venues that carry Catholic items. Of course, you can usually find such items at your local jeweler’s, but more unusual designs can be found on the internet. Online you are often able to find a variety of confirmation gifts for your confirmation candidate, along with discounts or incentives that you should definitely take advantage of!

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