Men's Italian 14k Yellow and White Gold 9.25mm Bike Link Chain Bracelet, 8.25"

Italian artistry and craftsmanship complement bold styling and elegance. The Italian Gold Chain Jewelry Collection from The Men's Jewelry Store captures elements of luxury and sophistication with intricately designed gorgeous chains; both ageless and timeless.

Lifetime Warranty: If It should break for Any Reason, Send it Back for a Repair or Replacement. You can purchase it here at The Men's Jewelry Store
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Trends in jewelry metals come and go, yet gold has endured for centuries never dating itself nor fading out of style. Superior craftsmanship is backed with a premier lifetime guarantee; if you should break the chain, for any reason, return it for a new replacement.

Nickel free with an easy to use lobster clasp, the Bike link chain closely resembles the link arrangement in a bicycle chain (minus the oil) with cylinder shaped metal links secured together with a bar. Because of its linear link pin construction, it is not a very flexible jewelry chain, yet it is very striking in its design.

Optimistic and positive, gold adds richness and warmth to everything with which it is associated. It illuminates and enhances. Gold represents perfection in all things. Because of its resistance to heat and acid, it is a symbol of stability, eternity and perfection.