Welcome to The Men's Jewelry Store. We are pleased to have your business and show it by offering finely crafted jewelry and sterling customer service. We do our best to make your online shopping experience easy, fun, and interesting.

Our old world customer service, easy exchange and return policies, paralleled with hi-tech options allow us to work with clients globally. It is a gratifying to assist in finding the perfect piece or items for you, your dear ones, and your business colleagues.

The Men's Jewelry Store with five departments:  The Men's Jewelry Store, The Men's Jewelry Store (for HER), The Men's Jewelry Store (Unisex Jewelry), The Men’s Jewelry Store (for KIDS) and Religious Jewelry at The Men's Jewelry Store allows us to offer the perfect show-piece.

We look forward to working with you; we love treating our customers like jewels.

Dawn and Daniel Whitney, The Men's Jewelry Store since 2010.

On a personal note: The Men's Jewelry Store is owned by a former United States Marine and his wife, the computer nerd. It is his plan B and my plan A. We enjoy building this together and we hope you have some fun, too, because after all, The Men's Jewelry Store is where he buys the family jewels... and she does, too.

Dawn's Delight: It is a joy for me to be able to put things of beauty into the world; to offer keepsakes and assist our clients in finding that personal, heart-felt item for our client's dear ones. Also love seeing the client's happiness when they find the perfect jewelry. It touches my heart when we are able to be a small part of the important milestones in others lives. That makes my career a true blessing.

Daniel's Delight: I am the wind beneath her/their wings. The Men's Jewelry Store is something we get to build together, for our future. It's been an interesting journey for me and it rocks gemstones that my wife and I are able to share this and grow even closer.

Robin, tracking specialist at The Men's Jewelry Store.

Robin's Routine: I am the senior citizen on our staff. My dog keeps me young by tugging me two miles every morning. Coffee and chocolate keep me on the go while taking care of my dogs, cat, guinea pigs, and the dust on my glass insulator collection.

Between working jigsaw puzzles, reading every used paperback found at yard sales, and writing five novels so far, I squeeze in time to do my job as the tracking specialist.

Robin's Raves: What I like most about The Men's Jewelry Store is being affiliated with a team who knows how to give good old-fashioned customer service.

Remark from Dawn: Robin has a great sense of humor, we have had so many laughs through the years of working together (since 2008). She is an amazing writer and author. She has a column called A View from Robin's Nest at Boomer Style Magazine, follow the link for some great fun. Robin has also written five books that can be purchased at Amazon (for Spitting on the Chicken Fry click here).

Novelist Robin Hoselton has authored five books which can be purchaed at Amazon.

Belen is the Administrative Assistant at The Men's Jewelry Store.

Benevolent Belen: I am the bubbly one. People born in the Year of the Rabbit (1987) in my case, usually have soft and tender personality traits. They keep a modest attitude and maintain a pleasant relationship to people around. They will not be irritated easily, and they also avoid quarrels as much as possible. This truly describes me.

Before TMJS: When I was young, my first job was as a Bank Teller. Later, in my teenage years, when "Friendster" was still popular among students, became fascinated with computers and curious as to how it works. Hence, went to college and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.

Belen's Bliss: The things I love to do are dancing, listening to music (great stress reliever, too) and organizing our home.

Bada Bing-Bada Boom! Have been working here since 2016 and I can really say I have learned many new skills. Plus, vastly improved my knowledge about how e-commerce works. There's still so much room for development, which excites me. I am thankful and blessed, because Ms. Dawn and Mr. Daniel gave me this opportunity and treat me as one of their extended family. They make our working environment very comfortable because of the open communications that we have.

What I am most proud of working with this company is that we provide excellent customer service! I always look up to what Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba says, "Must find a Good Boss, not a Good Company," and to my good fortune have found both.

Joann is Assistant to the CEO at The Men's Jewelry Store.

Jarta Joann:
I am the quiet one on the team. I'm a working single parent. I am balancing work, being a mother and having time to myself.

Joann's Joys: Some of the things that bring joy to me are watching movies with my daughter, going to her school events and hanging out with friends. My friends are my me time; it is rejuvenating. We go to the beach and also love to travel to new places and exploring them.

Jubilant Job: In working at The Men's Jewelry Store, I love the open and honest communication. We solve difficulties in a positive way in order to deliver the best service to our customers. Also, 'the boss' has a kindness and understanding when I face challenges in work and personal life.