Special and Unique Gifts for Your Wedding Anniversary

6th Anniversary

The sixth anniversary is commemorated by iron as it represents strength. Like the old-fashioned ball and chain however, it could rust so strip your spouse of jewelry when you're at the beach or before you shower together.

Here are a few great examples of some very cool and unique gifts that contain iron: Gibeon Meteorite Couples Rings



Links for the Rings:

10k White Gold Rough Diamond, Dino Bone Engagement Ring and Gibeon Meteorite, Dinosaur Bone Comfort-Fit Titanium Wedding Band, Set for Him and Her https://amzn.to/2Siao9m

Rough Diamond, Gibeon Meteorite 10k White Gold Ring and Deer Antler, Gibeon Meteorite Titanium Band, Couples Rings  https://amzn.to/2MFTCfd

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7th Anniversary

The seventh anniversary is commemorated by copper, which is said to relieve joint pain and arthritis. Its reddish-orange color brings warmth to jewelry. If copper tends to turn your skin green, just avoid eating lots of red meat and junk food, which isn't good for you anyway. 

He (Jesus) looked up and saw the rich putting their gifts into the treasury, and he saw a poor widow put in two copper coins (mites). And He said, "Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all the others; they gave from their surplus, but she put in all that she had to live on. Luke 21:1-4

For an unexpected anniversary surprise the Copper Widow’s Mite set in a cross or fish pendant is a keepsake one will always remember. Widow's mite, an excavated coin, used in first century Palestine, was immortalized by Jesus' words about the generous widow. This excavated coin can be from greenish-yellow to brown in color (each varies due to age) and comes with a certificate of authenticity. What a beautiful keepsake from Jesus' time, incredible to hold, wear, pray, and meditate with. This special coin will be treasured for generations.



Authentic Widows Mite Coin Set Cross Coptic 14k Yellow Gold Pendant      ASIN: B00606PHQK

Authentic Widows Mite Coin Set St. Peters Fish 14k Yellow Gold Pendant      ASIN: B00606PI00

8th Anniversary

The eighth anniversary is commemorated by bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, which represents luck and durability. Reaching eight years means you've survived the infamous 7-year marriage itch so you deserve to treat yourself or loved one to elegant bronze jewelry.

The 10th anniversary is commemorated by tin, an extremely pure metal that is nickel free and used to protect other metals from tarnish or rusting. Tin for ten represents flexibility, which you've needed to reach this impressive milestone. Whether modern, vintage or handmade, tin jewelry offers many beautiful choices to help celebrate; here are a few gorgeous surprises to mark your milestone.


Buckeye Burl Wood, Bronze 7mm Matte Titanium Comfort-Fit Wedding Band      ASIN: B07BN1D2GP

Edward Mirell Titanium and Bronze Amethyst Cable Necklace, 16"       ASIN: B07F8D9PN4

Black Titanium Memory Cable, Bronze .45 Ctw White Sapphire 27mm Flex Cuff Bracelet, 7"      ASIN: B07F7758FZ

Buckeye Burl Wood, Bronze Pinstripes 7.5mm Comfort Fit Matte Titanium Wedding Band       ASIN: B06XGF2W2D

11th Anniversary

The eleventh anniversary is commemorated by steel—preferably 316L stainless steel, which is hypoallergenic.

Macho mates like it for jewelry as it is strong enough for daily wear; women like it as it keeps a shine and is more fun to clean than stainless steel kitchen appliances.


Antiqued Stainless Steel 11.61mm Fleur de Lys Placket Curb Chain Necklace, 24"  ASIN B07MXYV84F

Men's Matte Stainless Steel, Black IP, Diamond Cross Bracelet, 8.5" (.25 Ctw, HI, I2)   ASIN: B07GBYTPDC

20th Anniversary

The twentieth anniversary is commemorated by platinum, which represents endurance; a fitting choice for two decades of marriage. Like enduring love, its bright white color never fades. It is much rarer than gold so consequently expensive, but aren't you and your spouse worth it for having made it this far?



Men's Platinum Diamond Journey Ring (.08 Ctw, G-H Color, SI2-SI3 Clarity)      ASIN: B0799H8RMB

Diamond Infinity Platinum Pendant Necklace, 16.5" (1/8 Ctw)       ASIN: B015L8ZDRA

Platinum Ruby and Diamond Bracelet, 7.25" (2.38 Cttw, GH Color, I1 Clarity)       ASIN: B073DKFDHB

18k Yellow Gold and Platinum Rectangle Cuff Links, 14x16MM       ASIN: B01N4L9N82

25th Anniversary

The 25th anniversary is commemorated by silver, a metal highly valued throughout history for its beauty and cool glow. Silver jewelry can tarnish, but needs only a little polish from time to time; just as you've kept your love polished to celebrate a quarter-century of marriage.


Edward Mirell Black Titanium and Sterling Silver Cross Pendant Necklace, 20"       ASIN: B07F8KLY99

Tango Collection Black Ti Memory Cable, Argentium Silver, White Sapphire Hoop Earrings       ASIN: B07F2J2TS6 

Sterling Silver Golf Club and Golf Ball Key Ring       ASIN: B007SB85ZG

50th Anniversary

The fiftieth anniversary is commemorated by yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, green gold, or a combination. Giving anniversary gifts is a tradition established in medieval times when people seldom lived to fifty years. Today, no matter if you're old and wrinkly; a 50th anniversary is a momentous occasion worth celebrating with gold jewelry. Remember what Comedienne Sonja Henie said, “Great jewelry takes people's minds off your wrinkles."


Oval Cufflinks, 10k Yellow Gold, 12k Green and Rose Gold Black Hills Gold Motif      ASIN: B06WWQNSY5

Black Hills Gold 10k Yellow Gold, 12k Green and Rose Gold Scalloped Grape Cluster Link Bracelet, 7"     ASIN: B00AVUHZ2A

Black Hills Gold Filigree and Leaf Bracelet, 10k Yellow Gold, 12k Green and Rose Gold, 7.5”      ASIN: B00AVUHY3A

14k Yellow, White and Rose Gold Tri-Color Diamond-Cut Mariners Cross Pendant (38X23MM)    ASIN: B07HNVRGWC